KONNO Premier Skills Clinics

Improve your technical on-court skills with Premier League Pro's in this exclusive skills clinic opportunity.

Head Coach Alain Arseneau will be leading the clinics alongside some of your favourite Premier League athletes, and will be teaching PRO tips to enhance your play.

Available for Intermediate and Advanced levels, ages 14-18. Clinics are limited to 40 athletes (20 male and 20 female). Stick around after the clinic to cheer on your Premier League pros as they compete! Matches start at 7pm.


Each clinic includes:

  • souvenir t-shirt
  • exclusive meet and greet session with pro athletes
  • refreshments
  • general admission ticket to the Premier League on date of clinic
  • one-on-one and group technical skill training

Clinic overview:

  • 3:30-3:45pm : Registration 
  • 3:45-4:00pm : Introductions and clinic overview
  • 4:00-5:45pm : On-court session with athletes
  • 5:45-6:00pm : Clinic wrap-up and exclusive autograph session
  • 6:00-7:00pm : Snack and Refreshments and Parent Pick- Up
  • 7:00pm : Premier League matches start (your ticket is included with the clinic!)

Head Coach - Alain Arseneau

Coach Arseneau holds a Master's Degree in Coaching Education from Ohio University. He is an 18-year teacher who has coached at the international, national, university, college, club and high school levels.  

As an athlete he has competed at the University level in indoor volleyball, nationally on the Canadian Professional Beach volleyball tour, and internationally on the FIVB world tour stage. 

He is currently a teacher at St. Michael's College School and was formerly the Head Coach for the Centennial College Men's Volleyball team. 


Clinic No.1

Thursday, June 28
Level : Intermediate / Advanced
Ideal for : All positions
Defence to attack

  • How to reload the offence after a block or a digging situation
  • How to go to offence after a three person block is executed
  • Defending with a one person block/late middle close situation

Featuring these Premier League pro guest coaches:

  • Julie Longman - Soul Machine
  • Matt McGirr - Madawaska Madmen

Clinic No.2

Thursday, July 5
Level : Intermediate / Advanced
Ideal for : Middles, Outsides, Setters
Read and react Block set-up

  • Eliminating options and maximized block location
  • Properly assessing the hitter's intention to avoid over extending on the block
  • Late middle closing scenarios
  • Active outside blocking

Clinic No.3

Thursday, July 12
Level : Intermediate / Advanced
Ideal for : All positions
Advanced serving techniques and serve receive

  • Jump serving techniques
  • Serving strategies
  • Location accuracy 

Clinic No.4

Thursday, July 19
Level : Intermediate / Advanced
Ideal for : All positions
High Level Ball control

  • Spacial awareness and mobility to the  ball
  • Ball contact
  • Extended body defence
  • Pursuit defence to attack