TOronto Athlete + Spectator information

Frequently Asked Questions

Q : How many matches do I get to watch with my tickets?
A : Your ticket gets you access to all four matches on competition night. One men's and one women's court run simultaneously, with one match at 7pm followed by a match at 8:30pm.

Q : Do you have different ticket rates for adults and kids?
A : YES! Tickets can be purchased for kids age 3-11 at 50% off, and kids under 3 are FREE!

Q : Do you sell group tickets?
A : We do special rates for groups of 10 or more. Contact us at for more information.

Q : What is the purpose of the Premier League?
A : The Premier League was founded to bring professional volleyball to Canada. We provide off-season training and competition for both athletes returning from contracts overseas, and current University / College athletes who are looking to play alongside former Pro's, National Team athletes and all-stars that will enhance their own game. In addition, we hope that in the future athletes will have the option to go overseas on contract or play right here in Canada!

Q : Is there a fee to play in the League?
A : No, athletes do not pay to play in the Premier League however you are required to pay at $250 deposit with your application, and a $25 application fee. Athletes who are not selected to the Toronto Premier League will be notified on May 14 and returned their deposit in full. 

Q : Is there prize money?
A : Yes, prize money for the 2018 season was $10,000.

Q : How is prize money distributed?
A : When athlete rosters are given to the League, athletes are initially identified as A, B, C or reserve players. The % each of those athlete categories make is pre-determined by the club prior to each match. Reserve players do not win prize money. 

Q : How many athletes are on a team?
A : Teams are allowed to pick up to 16 athletes to their roster, but may only dress 12. The four remaining athletes are 'reserve players'.

Q : What is a reserve player?
A : Reserve players are required to attend all team practices but are not required to attend official competition unless they are called up to play. In the event a reserve player is called up to play, their status immediately becomes an A, B or C player at minimum and they are eligible for prize money for that match. Their status will be determined on the roster prior to the start of that Round.

Q : I was on a team last year, do I have to apply for the 2018 draft?
A : Yes. Unless you are offered a contract by your previous team. Your Club is allowed to protect up to 3 of their existing players by offering them contracts for the upcoming season. All athletes, even if you are offered a contract by your Club, need to apply for the draft. 

Q : Who picks the teams?
A : Each club has a coach who is responsible for selecting players through a closed athlete draft. Coaches are required to attend the Mettle Athlete Showcase - a talent ID event where athletes can demonstrate and test their skills.

Q : Who are the coaches / clubs?
A : Please see our Teams section. Coaches will be announced before the League.

Q : When do I find out if I've been selected?
A : Athletes who have been selected to a team will be notified on May 14 following the Closed Draft. Those athletes must be attend the live draft announcement taking place on May 15.

Q : Are there any restrictions as to who can play in the league?
A : Athletes must be at least 18 years of age or entering their first year of University or College in order to participate in the League. These athletes may be required to submit proof of acceptance to school or their school's volleyball team. There are no geographic restrictions. 

Q : Will playing in the league affect my  USport/CCAA eligibility?
A : No, the league does not conflict with USport or CCAA eligibility requirements. In fact, one of the reasons we started this was to provide off-season training to those athletes. USport Eligiblity guide. CCAA Eligibility guide. Currently, NCAA athletes are not eligible to play in the Premier League.

Q : Am I considered a professional athlete if I play for the Premier League? 
A : No. While our goal is to build up professional volleyball in Canada, currently the league serves as a pro-am development and off-season training opportunity for athletes. Our mission is to operate the league in a professional manner. There is prize money awarded to teams during playoffs and finals, which players can opt out of due to restrictions on them as athletes, and there are contracts in order to legitimize your commitment to your team and the League. However, no compensation is given to you as an athlete during your time with the Premier League in accordance with your contract, to qualify you as a 'professional athlete'.

Q : I am a professional athlete during the regular season, am I covered under some sort of insurance policy?
A : We offer Sport Accident Insurance for all participants in the League (athletes must have OHIP to qualify), but we also have an opt-in program for Professional Athletes for salary protection. Please see our Athlete Resources section below for more information.

Q : I compete in the USAV National Championships, does that affect anything?
A : Scheduling was tight this year in May, and while it is understood that players are going to be competing in this event, it is expected that they are back in Canada to compete on May 31st on opening night.

Q : When will teams practice and where?
A : Practices will be once a week during the regular season (June - July) and will be scheduled by the club. Practices will be scheduled in the GTA within a reasonable travel distance, accessible by TTC. Attendance at practices are mandatory.

Q : How do I increase my chances of getting picked?
A : The best way to increase your chances of being picked is to attend the Mettle Athlete Showcase, a mandatory event for Draft Applicants - this event allows you to compete side by side with other draft applicants and former League participants. You may also provide a link to a highlight reel of you playing in recent, high level competition along with your draft application. 

Q : I am not from Canada, am I eligible to play? 
A : Yes. If you are not a Canadian citizen or have permanent residency, you are considered an International player and are eligible to play in the League. International athletes do not necessarily have to go through the Athlete Draft and can be recruited and signed by a team prior to May 1. Teams are able to sign one (1) International athlete outside of the Athlete Draft. If you are interested in playing, please email our teams to inquire about playing for their club. All international athletes must apply to the Athlete Draft regardless of if they are offered a contract before May 1st. 

Important 2018 Dates to Remember:

  • April 15 : Deadline for returning athletes to inform League of intent to return via Draft registration

  • April 26 : Deadline for an athlete to sign a protected athlete contract from their prior club

  • May 1 : Deadline for athletes who received an offer from their prior club to refuse (Official Appeal Template)

  • May 1 : Athlete Draft registration closes - all deposits are due in full

  • May 6 : Mettle Athlete Showcase

  • May 6 - 11 : National Team tryouts - Women - BC

  • May 11 : Deadline to withdraw your application from the League, deposit will be refunded in full excluding the $25 application fee

  • May 8 - 13 : National Team tryouts - Men - Quebec

  • May 14 : Closed Athlete Draft - athletes will be notified whether or not they have been selected to a team immediately following this event. Note: Emails may be delivered up to or past midnight.

  • May 15 : Toronto Athlete Draft - the media event that launches the League - all athletes are required to be in attendance.

  • May 25 - 30 : USAV National Championships

  • May 31 : First date of official competition.

  • August 8 : Deadline for athletes to appeal their deposit reimbursement amount. (Official Appeal Template)