Calgary KOnno Athlete Draft

The KONNO Premier League Athlete Draft is comprised of two events:

  1. Closed Draft - where owners select their players May 15, 2019

  2. Athlete Draft - live public announcement May 17, 2019

Athletes wishing to participate in the Premier League must apply to be drafted to a team. All athletes who have applied will be notified immediately following the closed athlete draft selection whether or not they have been drafted to a team. All drafted athletes are required to be at the live Draft Announcement on May 15th.

Athletes who apply for the draft will participate in the Athlete Showcase - an opportunity for athletes to showcase their skills in front of coaches and owners of Premier League teams May 7-8, 2019.

There is a $25 registration fee for the 2019 Premier League. Once you complete your draft application (below) you will be prompted to make this payment either by e-transfer or by credit card. If you are drafted, a deposit of $250 may be required to play in the League, payable to your Club and due along with your athlete contract. Athletes participating in the League who pay a deposit will be refunded within two weeks of the last day of official competition pending fulfillment of their Athlete Contract. You will be given your Athlete Contract and your Athlete Handbook once you have been drafted to a team. More information in application below. 

Last day to register for the draft : May 1, 2019


Teams are able to protect up to three athletes from their previous team prior to the draft. Athletes will be contacted by the clubs directly about their plans to participate in the 2019 season. Protected athletes will be announced on May 6, 2019.

Last day to register for the draft : May 1, 2019

Closed Draft Selections - May 15

About: The closed draft is the in-camera session between the League and club representatives where athletes are selected to Premier League teams. 

Location: Disclosed to team representatives only

Format: Team names are drawn through a ballot / lottery process. Once the teams are selected, all athletes who applied to the draft will be notified in writing whether or whether not they have been selected to a team before May 16th at 2am.

All athletes selected to a team are required to be at the Athlete Draft announcement on May 17, 2019.


Athlete Draft Announcement - May 17

About: This is the event where we announce the rosters for the 2019 Premier League season live! Athletes, coaches, owners and FANS come together to witness the live Draft.

Location: The Gateway @ SAIT

Time: Doors open at 7pm, Draft announcement starts at 7:30pm, DJ party to follow. Make sure to get there early and grab a seat and some food and drinks before we start the show!

Tickets: $10 for all fans, family and friends. Athletes who are drafted are not required to purchase a ticket.

18+ only, legal ID required. This event is open to all SAIT students, staff, faculty, alumni, members, and guests. Please visit for further details

WATCH ONLINE! Link to live stream coming soon!