• 6 athletes - one athlete is nominated from each team + 2 wildcards chosen by League
  • 3 minute hitting warm-up  **note: athletes must be warm prior to contest
  • Round 1: each athlete hits 3 balls and be scored out of 10 points each hit 
    • athletes hit one ball at a time, and then go to the back of the line
    • top two scorers advance to final round
    • there will be one pre-selected tosser for all participants
    • athletes may 'leave' a toss, or not attempt to hit, but may not leave more than two balls in a row
    • in the event an athlete fails to attempt an attack (ie. they leave 2 tosses in a row) they will be awarded a default score of 20 (out of 40)
    • contacting the net on a bounce will result in the loss of 10 points from their score
  • Judges will use the following criteria to evaluate each individual bounce form 1-10:
    • Height of bounce 
    • Power
    • Style


  • The top two scorers will alternate hitting balls
  • The athlete with the highest score from Round 1 will go first
  • The athlete with the highest total score after three attacks will be crowned champion
  • Any ties will be decided by a fan vote