The CALGARY Premier League

The Competition You've Been Waiting For. 


The Premier League was established in 2017 in Toronto to launch professional volleyball in Canada and provide elite competition to our best post-secondary athletes.

The league is made up of current and former:

  • Professional athletes
  • National team members 
  • Top NCAA, USport and CCAA players

The Calgary Premier League was launched in 2018 and will mirror it's Toronto counter-part with four men's and four women's teams competing over the course of 2 months culminated by the Premier Cup Finals. Athletes are selected to teams through an athlete draft.

To participate:

Athletes wishing to compete in the Calgary Premier League must apply to be in the Athlete Draft, where they have the opportunity to be selected to a team. 

Athletes are required to pay an application fee of $25, however they are not required to pay a fee to play in the Premier League. See Athlete Draft for more information. 

Athletes do not have to be a resident of Canada to compete in the league. See FAQs for more information on international athletes.

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