Calgary Athlete Draft

Athletes wishing to participate in the Premier League must apply to be drafted to a team. All athletes who have applied will be notified immediately following the closed athlete draft selection whether or not they have been drafted to a team. All drafted athletes are required to be at the live Draft Announcement on May 17th.

There is a $25 registration fee for the 2019 Premier League. Once you complete your draft application (below) you will be prompted to make this payment. Clubs may require a deposit of $250 to play in the League, which will be refunded within two weeks of the last day of official competition pending fulfillment of their Athlete Contract. You will be given your Athlete Contract and your Athlete Handbook once you have been drafted to a team. More information in application below. 

2019 Calgary Athlete Draft Application

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By participating in the league you agree to make yourself available for the following dates. Thursday, May 30 Thursday, June 6 Thursday, June 13 Monday, June 20 Thursday, June 24 Thursday, June 27 Thursday, July 4 PREMIER CUP FINALS (CALGARY) - Thursday, July 18 CANADA CUP FINALS - Saturday, July 20 (Edmonton Convention Centre, Alberta) Additional practice times (one 2-hour practice per week) will be arranged by your team. All practices are mandatory unless availability is noted in your application or pre-arranged with your club. Please note that teams have the right to select players based on their availability. All athletes will be required to sign contracts and must fulfill their commitments to their team. The contracts are very simple and for the purpose of upholding the integrity of the Premier League. Please note that athletes are REQUIRED to be at the Athlete Draft Announcement and must provide a valid reason to the League in writing if they are unable to attend. Absence from this event could result in a $100 fine. Please indicate all the dates you are available to participate in the Official League activities below.
Athlete Showcase - May 8-9 *
This is an opportunity for athletes to showcase their skills to the coaches of all Clubs in order to increase their success of being selected to a team. Athletes are required to attend. By selecting attending, you are registering yourself for the Athlete Showcase and are expected to attend. Details are available on our website, and will be emailed to all applicants once the draft closes.
Athlete Draft - May 17 *
The Athlete Draft is the official live announcement where we reveal which athletes got selected to which teams. Athletes are required to attend. By selecting attending, you are confirming your attendance to this event. Details are available on our website and will be emailed to all drafted athletes.
Ie. National Team tryouts, overseas contracts etc.
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2018 Calgary Athlete Draft